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Awan Shawl - Deepsea

RM 55.00


  • Material: Cotton Chiffon
  • Shape: Bullet (2 curve ends, 2 sharp ends)
  • Finishing: Rolled Hem & Tulip metal tag
  • Length 200cm x width 70cm = approximately size of square scarf 55". 

Opacity Level : 3


Level 1 is see-through even with double layers; needs an inner to cover the neck,

Level 2 is see-through with single layer, opaque with double layers.

Level 3 is almost opaque.

Level 4 is totally opaque.

Wash & Care

Hand wash for best maintenance 


DISCLAIMER: all photos are captured in a photography studio with bright lights from all angle. The colors are made to the most similar possible and might vary from each mobile & computer settings.